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Delivery Methods

Sun Construction & Facility Services is your one source for construction, maintenance and repair, move-add-change projects, and other facility services.

Facility Care & Maintenance
Facility care and maintenance is one of our specialties. This is where a facility manager, typically from a large campus, contracts with the contractor on an on-going basis to care for a specific scope of the building.
We currently employ two successful pre-negotiated Service Delivery methods that benefit our clients:

Standing Order
This process is ideally suited for situations requiring quick turn-around, emergency resolution, or projects affecting operational capabilities. The agreement establishes billing rates for supervisory and crafts personnel, materials and equipment, and subcontractor costs. With only a phone call, the client's needs will be immediately responded to with an integrated solution.
Sun Construction will self perform work per our expertise and subcontract certified technicians as required.

A Design Build project is ideal for projects where time and cost control is the priority. This method allows for a single team source of design and construction, which improves flexibility for continuing design and making modifications during construction with as little impact as possible on the schedule. With the owner and contractor working closely together, it becomes easier to monitor expenses and deadlines.

Lump Sum
Lump Sum bids are the traditional project delivery method, and most common when required through public funding. Construction and bid documents are provided by the owner’s design team for contractors to formulate a lump sum bid. Contracts are awarded based on the bid price from qualified contractors. This method is typically the most rigid on schedule and design.

Negotiating the project involves the contractor early on in the design process where there is the greatest opportunity for the contractor to add value to the project. An agreement is signed and usually includes preliminary pricing, construction analysis, and value engineering. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is provided when the plans are completed. A GMP can protect the owner by placing a cap on construction costs while savings are credited to the owner. This method allows for a very open dialogue on all costs throughout the project. Subcontract and material components are competitively bid, ensuring the project’s value.

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