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Adaptable by design.

Sun Construction is a full-service general contractor specializing in technically challenging and unique projects. Sun is adept at visualizing the complexities in project integration by addressing technical, logistical, and geographic challenges while integrating customer/other provided components and adaptation to unique customer requirements.


Sun Construction is intentional about assembling a team of the most talented construction industry professionals with a range of skillsets that allow us to bring industry best construction solutions to our clients’ most crucial business objectives.


Sun construction is adaptable by design. When a construction project demands a contractor that takes complexity in stride, nobody is more knowledgeable, creative, and flexible than Sun.


Sun takes a creative approach to visualizing the complexities of project integration by addressing technical and logistical challenges in a way that successfully integrates with and adapts to each client’s unique requirements.

Sun Construction is intentionally versatile. When tackling intricate construction projects, we possess a wealth of knowledge, ingenuity, and adaptability. Our team boasts a diverse set of technical skills acquired from various advanced industries, enabling us to deliver a blend of expertise and innovation to each project.

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Specializing in reclaimed materials, traditional wood, plastic laminate, European-style cabinets, and more, we are your one-stop destination for exceptional custom cabinetry and millwork.

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