Acertara Acoustical Laboratory 

Size: 29,835 SF


Completed: April 2021

Contract Price: 

Initial: $4,610,628

Final: $4,303,522

Delivery Method:

Phase I: Design-Build | GMP

Phase II: Design-Assist


Levi Moore (303) 815-2069

President and COO 

Acertara Acoustic Labs 

[email protected]

Design Team:

Hauser Architects – Prime Consultant

Weeks & Associates – Structural 

Integrated Mechanical – MEP

RJ McNutt – Electrical 

Project Description:

Acertara is a leading innovator of the development and advancement of technological solutions to enhance the performance and sustain the effective lifecycle of medical imaging and therapeutic devices that ensure the best possible patient outcome in a cost effective and timely manner. Phase II encompassed additional workspace including clean air HEPA Filtration, compressed high purity air distribution. Their growth and development in their business resulted in a need for additional office, flex laboratory, inspection, isolation rooms, machine/shop, shipping, receiving and associated ancillary space for their work.

Project Challenges:

Given that this was the first building construction on a site being developed by a separate entity, the required fire service, water, and properly supported or paved drive access to three sides of the building became a challenge. The site developer had not progressed to
this point and was behind schedule. This immediately delayed our anticipated start. Our options were to spend additional dollars for a temporary road and water or delay construction and face potential increases in winter conditions. By presenting accurate cost
estimates and scheduling information, the Owner was able to determine that a delayed start would carry the least cost impact and was able to absorb a delayed opening that would not affect his business goals.

Cost Control Strategies:

A strategy was presented to the Owner and Architect to install an EIFS exterior wall system with a roll-on, water-resistant air barrier in lieu of a standard hard coat stucco and Tyvek. This system ultimately provided a better air barrier and was able to be installed quicker therefore saving time to the overall schedule. This resulted in Owner savings while also creating better value. Secondly, Sun coordinated with the Owner to self-perform flooring, network cabling, and providing millwork material. This reduced cost as the Owner had contacts that were able to provide reduced pricing on materials. Lastly, we encouraged the Owner to build in future infrastructure that would allow him to expand his building easily. By spending a small portion upfront on mechanical equipment/capacity as well as power and data pathways, this provided significant savings for the future build.

 Design Strategies:

We encouraged the Owner to design the building with both dual electrical and gas services to have flexibility of utility metering for his own production purposes as well as for any potential tenant responsibilities. We were able to provide this at no additional cost. Secondly, we designed the building to have daylighting, glass wall partitions, and sunscreens. This also became a great benefit to utilize natural lighting which results in bright spaces and reduces energy consumption. Lastly, we incorporated open exterior patio areas for the occupants of the building to enjoy. Both second and third level roof terraces will be utilized by their staff members. This was accomplished without any additional cost or change to the steel structure or roofing system.