NREL Lab 113/115 Remodel & Gas Storage/Distribution


Start: June 2020

Completed: March 2021

Contract Price: 

Initial: $3,425,757

Change Orders: $38,239

Final: $3,463,996

Delivery Method:

Hard Bid



Karri Bottom (303) 384-7339

[email protected]

Design Team:


PEH Architects 

1319 Spruce Street, 

Suite 207

Boulder, CO 80302

Project Description:

This was two projects combined into one contract and included the remodel and build out of a new research reactor lab including all building services and research gases with lab casework, 5 fume hoods and 3 enclosed reactor pods with research gases. The second project was the construction of a new Gas Storage Pad and canopy with underground gas distribution into the research building and distribution throughout the building into research labs. Both projects included upgrades to gas monitoring and alarming. This project also included the reconfiguration of the smaller existing building gas storage to upgrade fire walls and roof mounted explosion proof exhaust system and rework of fire alarm and electrical. This was a large operational and fully occupied research facility with complex systems that must be handled with research and safety as a top priority. In addition we were working throughout the building and also outside for both gas storage facilities.