NREL NWTC Site Improvements


Start: January 2017

Completed: April 2020

Contract Price: 

Initial: $3,153,925

Change Orders: $3,605,163*

Final: $6,759,088

* Owner Requested Additive Scope & Phases

Delivery Method:

Hard Bid | Fixed Price



Kiley Taylor (303) 275-4631


Project Leader

Brian Cox (303) 384-7375

Design Team:

Martin Atwell 

NREL Site Operations

Project Description:

This was a multifaceted, multi-phased project that included civil improvements such as site drainage and paving, a new salt storage pad, demolition and replacement of a 24” thick concrete slab at the 5 MW Dyno Building, extended sewer, gas, fire water lines and hydrants, and asphalt paving. In addition, there were three phases of new electrical service work including the Phase 1 Substation and Power Transformer T1 115kV with 1.5 miles of new underground feeder lines to feed electrical service for the entire 325 acre campus. Phase 2 doubled the substation size adding another T2 115kv Transformer and associated bus. Phase 3 was over 1.5 miles of 115kV Transmission lines.

Project Challenges:

The campus does not have water sources other than what is brought in by NREL for its use.
All contractors imported water for construction use for the duration of the project. The ground in this area is extremely rocky, making it challenging to drill concrete piers.

Project Accomplishments:

Sun successfully executed the lift of a 120,000 lb switch gear building and installed over 40 concrete piers up to 8′ in diameter and 22′ deep.