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Sun Construction is committed to delivering industry-best construction solutions that help our clients achieve their most critical business objectives. One of our target markets is the field of life sciences.

Our vision is to contribute to the advancement of the life sciences industry by providing cutting-edge construction solutions. We understand the importance of creating state-of-the-art facilities that enable breakthrough research, innovation, and the development of life-saving treatments. Through our expertise and dedication, we aim to shape a better future for the life sciences community and society as a whole.

In the field of life sciences, we bring our expertise in construction to create specialized facilities that enable groundbreaking research, pharmaceutical production, medical device manufacturing, and more. With our commitment to excellence, our dedicated team works closely with clients in the life sciences industry to bring their visions to life, providing innovative solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Together, let us shape a future where life sciences facilities foster discovery, collaboration, and advancements that improve the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Project Experience

Editas Medicine Process Development Lab

Build-out of 2,500 SF Process Development lab for a pharmaceutical developer. The project consisted of all new mechanical/HVAC systems to support a new lab including a new exhaust system for fume hoods, new makeup air handler, and rework of existing supply and return ductwork. The electrical scope included new service entrance to the building with a larger transformer from Xcel, new main distribution gear, and all new branch circuitry to support the new lab and benches. The room was equipped with large fume hoods, custom benches, articulating exhaust booms and flammable liquid lockers.

Agilent Technologies Tank Farm Vapor Suppression 

This project focused on adding a dedicated water/foam/vapor fire suppression system to an existing hazardous storage tank farm. The system featured automatic Vapor LEL gas detection, manual release stations, and a control panel connecting to the building’s fire alarm system. To accommodate the new system, we constructed an addition to house water service entry, foam tank, and distribution piping, supported by deep caissons and structural framing. We tapped a new 6″ fire service line into the existing fire main and routed it across the roof, considering structural support and drainage. Additionally, we removed and recoated the containment area at the tank farm for enhanced safety.

Sandoz IBC Washer

Installation of a new, Owner provided IBC Washer. Included expansion of an existing production suite within the production area. Because of the location of the work within the existing production area of the facility, robust area protection and containment were required. This included visqueen floor to structure and coreplast enclosures surrounding the project site. This further required the construction of a temporary air lock/change room at the entry point into the project, including a negative air condition. 

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