Sandoz IBC Washer


Start: March 2013

Completed: October 2013

Contract Price: 

Initial: $394,466

Change Order: $130,261

Final: $524,727

Delivery Method:

Competitive Bid


Angel Oyola



Design Team:

Jacobs Engineering 

Henry Dandurand Dagit IV

Project Description:

Installation of a new, Owner provided IBC Washer. Included expansion of
an existing production suite within the production area. Because of the location of the work within the existing production area of the facility, robust area protection and containment were required. This included visqueen floor to structure and coreplast enclosures surrounding the project site. This further required the construction of a temporary air lock/change room at the entry point into the project, including a negative air condition. Staff was required to gown entering or leaving the project. All materials and equipment were brought in through the production materials air lock and were wiped and bagged consistent with CGMP requirements. Rigging and removal of the existing process equipment to be replaced was part of this scope of work. Construction activities included selective demolition of existing walls, floors, ceilings, openings and included concrete saw cutting, removal, excavation, and replacement upon completion of the underground. Removal of all demolished materials required acute planning and approval from Production, prior to execution and removal of debris and materials. Electrical and mechanical items which were taken off line, required MOP’s to ensure all critical (and other) operations remained functional with the Production Area. New walls, stainless steel appurtenances, special finishes – PVC coatings, terrazzo flooring, new ceilings, masonry infills, and roof work were all aspects of the architectural scope. Mechanical and plumbing included modifications to the existing HVAC and exhaust systems, underground drains, process piping, process controls. The new utilities included CCA, HW, CHW S/R, equipment drains, steam, condensate and USP water modifications. Additional planning was required to integrate the new system upgrades into the overall building systems to ensure new suite functionality and no imbalance throughout the Production area. Electrical included new panel, distribution, lighting, lighting protection, BAS and instrumentation, and final connections to the process equipment. Life safety upgrades and modifications to include fire alarm and fire sprinkler. Rigging, assembly and connection of the new washer.