Max Technology Center Renovation and Site Redevelopment

Size: 450,000 SF


Start: August 2021

Completed: Ongoing Through 2022

Contract Price: 

Initial: $4,308,293

Change Order Anticipated: $6,600,000

Final Anticipated: $16,959,000

Delivery Method:



Broe Real Estate Group

Steve Rogers (720) 318-1612

VP of Construction

[email protected]

Design Team:

Page Southerland Page, Inc.

Scott Stoll, AIA

Senior Associate/Design Architect 

[email protected]

Project Description:

Sun Construction has been hired as the Design-Assist Contractor to refresh and renovate
an existing 450,000 sf empty tenant office building that has been un-occupied and vacant
for the last ten years. The space consists of primarily office, laboratory, cleanroom, and
cafeteria. We have performed approximately 320,000 sf of interior demolition to make
ready for new tenant construction. Additionally, we have completed a new roof overlay for
the entire 450k sf including new sheet metal, transitions, and watertight roofing
assemblies. On the interior we have converted 66,000 sf of space into enhanced pre-tenant
“warm shell or white box” surroundings. This includes new skylights, entries, complete
common core bathroom and shower remodel, painting, open ceilings, drywall, polished
floors, overhead doors to courtyard, and new fire alarm systems.
Next phases of the work that has been released in May 2022 is an entire exterior renovation
and refresh of approximately four acres of site amenities, parking expansion, stripping,
retaining walls, landscaping, new main entries, decorative metal panel siding, painting,
balconies, common area plaza, seat walls, decorative benching, porous pavers, pavilion,
art wall, entry drop off, site lighting, and monument signs. This project in short is a
complete refresh of an older building to convert it into a prime leasing destination.