NREL TTF Research Chiller Installation


Start: June 2020

Completed: November 2020

Contract Price: 

Initial: $432,541

Final: $432,541

Delivery Method:

Hard Bid



Brian Kernstock (303) 384-7857

[email protected]

Design Team:


The Ballard Group, Inc.

2525 S. Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 200

Lakewood, CO 80227

Project Description:

This project was the addition of a 97 ton Research Chiller located outside an existing occupied research building with new piping penetrating the exterior of the pre-cast wall and piping and ducting into both new duct and existing modified duct to receive new coils for research test loops. The owner supplied chiller and required equipment was to be located on a new concrete pad near an existing chiller setup on the north inaccessible side of the building. The new chiller was picked and craned into place from its previous location on the dock/drive. The pick was over the top of the north edge of the building.